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China Loading Supervision - REASONS

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   China Loading Inspection Damaged Carton
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Why is it a good idea to invest in a Loading Supervision (Loading Inspection):

arrow bullet Prevent wrong goods shipped;

arrow bullet Prevent wrong quantity shipped;
arrow bullet Check for damaged merchandise or damaged packaging;
arrow bullet Document goods actually turned over to forwarding company;
arrow bullet Check for any altering/exchanging goods by the factory after final inspection;
arrow bullet Document any possible damage to goodds during the loading process such as  
    goods loaded in rain / wet goods;
arrow bullet Did not perform Final Inspection and need a "spot check" on the quality before
    goods are 

A loading supervision will help ensure that that when your shipment arrives there will not be any bad surprises.



Loading Supervision Reports
Loading Procedure
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We at WQS China Inspections perform Loading Supervisions across China and work hard to protect your interests. 

We will carefully document the loading and the transfer to the forwarding company of your items. 

Please see a sample report below (if you have additional requests during the loading inspection we will work hard to accomodate your needs).

Sample Reports:


checkLoading Supervision


WQS China Inspections can send a local or Western inspector to the loading location and supervise the loading and forwarding of your goods in China. 

We can also perform a spot-check on the general quality of a few items just before loading begins. Please see our standard China Loading Supervision procedure below.



Loading Supervision Procedure:


checkStandard Procedure


arrow          Job Opportunities: 

We are in constant need of reputable and professional inspectors.

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Western Engineers, Inspectors or Representatives available in China to protect your interests.
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