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China Factory Audit - SOLUTIONS

  China Factory Audit Furniture Worker

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    China Factory Audit Plastic Factory


What we will do to protect your interests:

check bullet Taking pictures of every aspect so you get the “feel” of the factory;
check bullet Check previous production records and capabilities;
check bullet Inspect raw materials;
check bullet Survey the factory(such as area of workshop, facilities, cleanliness…);
check bullet Assess quality plan and records, ISO 9000 documentation etc...;
check bullet Assess the capability of factory machinery (type, quantity, condition,
    maintenance records…);

check bullet Assess factory personnel (How many total workers, workers assigned to your
    production, worker skill level, management...);
check bullet Perform any additional auditing, inspecting or testing that you request.



Factory Audit Reports
Factory Audit Templates
Factory Audit - WHEN?


We perform factory audits across China and work hard to protect your interests. We will spend time on the areas that matter most to you. If you prefer we can send a qualified Western Representative at this important stage to represent your company's interests. 




Sample Reports:


checkChina Factory Audit


This is our standard China Factory Audit report template. We are flexible to meet your needs. If you need a specific report style or need additional information we will gladly accommodate.  We will invest more time and attention on the areas that concern you.




Report Template:


checkChina Factory Audit

The factory audit is ideally conducted before your order is placed. By checking the China manufacturer's legal license, production capacities and capabilities, quality assurance (QA & QC) system, typical performance, the factory audit can provide you with the information to help you more accurately  evaluate the overall performance of the manufacturer, with minimum risk before your order is placed.

Sometimes after several orders a client  may decide it is necessary to evaluate a factory as well.

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